Some fun facts about dog:

#1 Greyhound or Cheetah, who is faster?

Greyhound can keep a speed of more than 48 KM per hour for at least 11KM while Cheetah can only keep its top speed for less than 300 metres. Although Cheetah may have a boost start but will soon be surpassed by Greyhound.

#2 Every dog has wet nose.

Dog nose secretes mucus to helps them absorb chemicals from the air. By licking the nose, dog is sampling and try to understand what kind if smell it is.

#3 Dogs can be trained to detect diseases in humans such as cancer.

Dog can tell if a human body contain cancer cell by sniffing our breath. That is because cancer cells produce different metabolic waste when compare with healthy cell in our body. Dog can differentiate the than produced by cancerous cells.

#4 Finally, to anyone who is looking for partner, dog can help get you a date. 

Some studies have shown that a man would have more chances of getting a girl’s phone number just by having a dog. And based on a survey of a large group of people, more than 50% of men and women would not date someone who did not like pets.

How to choose your first pet dog.

Dogs are human’s best friend and one of the useful advices we get from many people is to choose your friends wisely. Having a pet dog is going to change your life, or at least change your lifestyle. It requires you to input extra energy, time, and money. But more importantly it will significantly change the life of the pet dog and that is a big deal for them as if their life depending on your right choose. Before getting your very first pet, you will need to make sure that is not a sudden feeling that might go off one day and you are not getting pet dog because your friends or neighbours currently having one. One of the best ways is to get opinion from your family and friend if having a pet is a good idea for you.

Anyone that is considering getting a pet dog will need to think about how a new dog is going to change you and your family life. There is no doubt your dog is going to take up your energy and time on grooming, exercising, feeding, and playing. It is very important that you can allocate resources to take good care of dog.

There are many types of dogs to choose from including singles breed and mixed breeds. You will also need to decide if you are going to get a young dog or older dog. 

Training is not only benefit to both you and your dog, it is also benefit to neighbors as well as surrounding community. There are a misunderstanding of just hand over the training part to professional pet trainer and it will be fine. However, the truth is that even after the training, you will still need to dedicate time and energy to train and remind your dog on a regular basis.

Veterinary expenses of your dog are the costliest part of the expense during pet lifespan.  These veterinary costs include but not limit to veterinary visits for routine vaccines and teeth cleanings to unexpected illnesses and accidents.

Other expense like: Micro chipping, grooming, leashes, dog bowls, food, dog walker and flea medication. 

Dogs have always been our most loyal friend to accompany with, trusted partner to work with and even direction guide for those who has sight disability. However, they can be naughty and may sometimes make you go nut.

Do your dog scratch everywhere in the house especially when they are new?

Dogs, just like many animals, they have an instinctive need to feel certain about the place they live, therefore many of them will try to get relieve by scratching, digging, or biting at walls, doors and floors etc.

Also, many dogs may scratch the walls simply because they are bored or wanted to get more attention from you. Therefore, to keep your house fresh look for both inside and outside, you might required to have painting service Melbourne if your living in a smaller place or  a quality House Painting Point Cook for your bigger house.

Dogs not only fill your home with joy, it may also fill home with a lot of dirt and bacteria.

Are your experiencing the headache of keeping your place clean at the same time keeping your dog? Even though your house will be a lot easier to get dirty with pet, this does not mean that they need to be kept outside of the house forever. Give a special pet clean for your house to make it stay shine and fresh with regular cleaners Point Cook

Before you actually own a pet dog, there are both mental and finical matters to be consider.

Other problems before you consider having a pet dog.

  1. Early morning or late-night walks in freezing cold weather.
  2. The cost of associated dog grooming, boarding, and vet visits.
  3. House fill of the smell of wet dog food.
  4. Satisfies your weekend mornings when you want to sleep in.
  5. Pee on the sofa where you were about to sit.
  6. Fur all over the house and probably everything you own.
  7. Teeth marks on furniture
  8. Socks with holes and missing socks.

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